Can you be conscious when sedated?

When you are conscious, you are not unconscious, it is as simple as that. When you are sedated, you are not knocked out. Well, at least that is how it now goes during certain medical procedures, and there is at least quite a good reason for doing that. Keeping you conscious during your medical procedure is not so that you can lie back and enjoy the show. No, depending on the surgical or clinical procedure, it could be quite icky.

conscious sedation certification for dentists

Do not talk to medical doctors about being squeamish. It was one of the first things they were taught during their early months of practical medicine training when they were at medical school. How many times, over and over, they had to practice their procedures until they got it just right. In this line of work, there can be no margin for error. And yet, mistakes are being made. This is so sad. Now is not the time to say, oh well, doctors are only human, they have their borders too, you know. Because what if you are on the receiving end of life and death situations.

And what if you never wake up to tell the story? No, doctors are being sued quite often enough for malpractice. And when they are required to apply general or local anesthesia, as well as conscious sedation, they are not allowed to make mistakes in this area either. That’s very important. Now, the dentistry industry has at least got it right with a conscious sedation certification for dentists. The rule of thumb should be that no dentist may perform conscious sedation unless he or she is fully qualified to do so.

Problem is, as a patient, in pain and highly stressed perhaps, how are you to know.